A Trip to Japan-Tokyo

Organized Japan Pinhole Photography Society
Last month our camera designer Zernike Au joined the group show of the Japan Pinhole Photography Soceity and have two talk show in Tokyo. During his visit to Japan, he also met Chris Peregoy of Blender and have a wonderful trip in Japan, don't miss this wonderful experience...
Day 1: Visit Edward Levision.

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Day 2: Sight-seeing, opening of JPPS show.

Day 3: Sight-seeing-a temple and the fish market.


Day 4: Visit Zero Image sellers, talk in Roonee Gallery and dinner party with members.

Day 5: Sight-seeing, symposium.

Day 6: Last Day.

Enjoy it!

Pinhole Images
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I wanted to let you all know that the JPPS Member's show 2006 was a success. Participants and visitors all had a good time.
There was an opening party (see JPPS website photo link) as well as a symposium with the theme "Joy of Pinhole". There was a workshop on Saturday as well.

Symposium speakers included JPPS President Mieko Tadokoro, JPPS International Director Edward Levinson, and JPPS Supporting Members: Photographers and Camera Makers Chris Peregoy and Zernike Au and Yoshi Ando, Pinhole and Toy Camera Distributor.
Special thanks to Chris and Zernike for joining us. Thanks to Xiao Shan and Yoshi Ando for help with translations.

And thanks to all the JPPS staff and volunteers who put it all together.

Several camera magazines came and did interviews and will publish articles in upcoming issues.

Show statistics:

Simple Display Entry: 16 people
Single Photo Entry: 128
Series of photos Entry: 21 people (65 photos)
Plus 70 pinhole images by various members from the "1000 Photos" exhibition held in Tokyo in June 06
Total Participants: 90 people and more than 200 photos
Visitors to the gallery: 468 people

Snapshots taken by Edo (I didn't take so many!)

( Many more pictures on the JPPS site. Each link (kanji characters) shows a different album.)

(hanging the show)

(opening Party)



(after the show packing!)

(workshop on Saturday)




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