1:8 Ferrari 126 C2

by Zernike Au - Hong Kong

Started on 1/1/2006


This Week's work bench: 28/07/2008


This model is from Promocon of Italy, the most expensive model in my life! The whole car are in metal and the chassis is fibre carbon...............It seems this kit is not available now!!!

The serial number of my model is no. 19. Rare!!! This model kit is a real challenge for serious modeller, very difficult because I found many of the parts cannot fit together and they are rather rough in shape. It seems to me the some of the silicon mold already damage and they continue to use them for production. I have to spend a lot of time to correct the fraud and re-shape or scratch built the parts, a lot of drilling, filling, turning, milling jobs are needed. However, as another owner TK Chan said, it is far easier than scratch built the whole car..............from nothing.............

The engine block is finished two years ago! Then stopped for two years!!!

I spent a lot of time in making the jig, re-shape the contour of the parts so as to make it a perfect fit (of course cannot make it perfect!!!)

Most of the cast part from the model are rather rough, if possible, I turn the part with a lathe, I use alumnium rob for the small parts.

I use epoxy glue for the whole model, it means each time I can glue one or two parts and I have to wait at least 10 hours for the glue to set.


My friend TK Chan (who is a master in model-making) taught me to use solder for re-fine the ugly parts.

The whole drum is scratch built by using lathe and milling machine.