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No more take-up Spool!!!

We are so sorry to anounced that we can no longer provde you with a take-up spool for each of our camera. Hong Kong is a very small city and now less and less people include the professional photographer use film for photography! They all move to digital!!! It is getting more and more difficult for us to collect (or beg for) the enough take-up spool from the local lab. However, it is not difficult for you to get one from your local lab, or to keep one after you process your film if you have a darkroom.

We are so sorry for that!

~Zernike Au~
20th December, 2006


Special Thanks to Mr. Richard Jones

Mr. Richard Jones from America is one of our customer who bought our Zero 612F. We shiphped him another 612F by our mistake. Thanks to Mr. Richard because he not only contact us about the second camera he recieved, but also help us to ship/forward the camera to our customer so that the customer can get his camera before Christmas. He even paid for the shipping. We are really appreciated with Mr. Richard's hep. He is an honesty, and helpful gentleman.

Thank You! Thank You Very Much!

~Zernike Au~
5th December, 2006


Zero 612B Economic version is now available...

Our New Zero 612B Economic version pinhole camera is now available.
The price is affordable. It's price is less than half the price of our deluxe Zero 612F while they are of the same high quality...

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The price including shipping to every corner of the world is just US$217.
*Special Discount for previous customers: US$207.

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Don't Miss our new articles about Pinhole photography technique...

Zero Image View-Finder

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Don't Miss our new articles about Pinhole photography technique...


Again, our customer was awarded!

Our customer (also my friend) Steve Gosling from the UK, won first place in the 'Places' category (please see attached file) and a runners up award in the 'Inkjet Printer of the Year' category (with the 'Two Seats' shot already on our website). Both images were shot using a Zero 2000 pinhole camera.


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Steve also showing his works at our gallery.

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New Books

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Zero Image Flickr Group

Don't miss the Zero Image Flickr Group where more than 650 photos took by Zero Image camera are shown. The administrator of this group is Oliver Rockwell of Blue Moon Machine. You are welcomed to join the group and share your images with other Zero camera user.

Now here is more than 1400 Zero Image photos found at

Don't miss the excellent photos of the 2005 and 2006 gallery...
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Enjoy It Now!

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Exhibition of The Month (Nov, 2006)

Jeff Denis, Canada


Zero 4 x 5 Image


Tiina Saksholm, Finland


Zero 4 x 5 Images

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