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31th December, 2012

CCnow is planning to retire at the end of 2012

CCnow is going to retire at the end of 2012 and our payment method by CCnow will be terminated at the end of October. Customers who have their ccnow account please check and remember to draw back all the money (if there is any). From November on, we can only have Paypal to accept credit card payment for all international orders.

Sorry for the inconcenience caused.

8th October, 2012

Edward Levinson on NHK World TV

Edward Levinson, our old friend and also one of the fonder of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography day,

will be on a NHK WORLD TV English language program
June 26th 2012,
Program Title: "Journeys in Japan".

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Lensless Landscapes Workshop - in 2012 (12 th 14 th September) based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

'I'm offering one pinhole photography workshop in 2012 (12 th 14 th September) based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire where we will spend some time photographing around the town (its architecture and gardens). We will also visit the picturesque ruins of Fountains Abbey & Studley Georgian Water Gardens (owned by the National Trust and a World Heritage Site), the dramatic moorland rock formations at Brimham Rocks and one of the three days will be spent photographing in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The workshop will be limited to a maximum of 6 people and participants can bring dedicated pinhole cameras, home made cameras or body cap conversions for SLRs (film or digital). The cost will be £325 for the 3 days (food, transport, accommodation not included).

More information is available from Steve Gosling - steve@stevegoslingphotography.co.uk '




Steve Gosling

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10 December, 2011



Zero Image Flickr Group

Don't miss the Zero Image Flickr Group where there are more than 650 photos made with Zero Image cameras. The administrator of this group is Oliver Rockwell of Blue Moon Machine. You are welcome to join the group and share your images with other Zero camera users.

Now more than 1400 Zero Image photos can be found at

Don't miss the excellent photos of the 2012 gallery...
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Enjoy It Now!

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Exhibition of The Month (Sept 2012)

Nancy Breslin, USA

Zero 2000 Image



Exhibition of The Month (June 2012)

Nathalie Valmary,
Carcassonne, France

Zero 2000 Image


Marcin Jastrzebski,

Zero 4x5 Image

Exhibition of The Month (March 2012)

Jos van Roij,
The Netherlands

Zero 612 Image


Jacek Bieniek ,

Zero 4x5 Image

Exhibition of The Month (November 2011)

Rima Virbauskaite,


Zero 612 Image


Enesse Bhé, Canada


Zero 6x9 Image

Exhibition of The Month (March 2011)

Dm Witman , USA


Zero 4x5 Image

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