What is Zone Plate?
" A zone plate diffracts light; consequently zone plates are closely related to pinhole. Zone plates render soft-focus imagery, yet they are not like soft-focus lens imagery, and their look is not at all like pinhole imagery. The beauty within a zone plate image is the recognizable halo or glow that surrounds any strong-contrast edge ... "
~by Eric Renner~

A zone plate consists of a serious of concentric rings, with each ring alternating between transparent and opaque.
Enlarged zone plate
A zone plate is different from a pinhole for it renders soft-focus imagery and allows more light to get to the film, i.e. allowing a shorter exposure time. The more the zones in a plate increases the glow effect, and decreases the required shutter speed.
Zone Plate Gallery
Summer Breeze

Zone plate images by field camera with Zero Image Zone plate
Image Transfer

4 x 5 field camera, Polaroid type 59, image transfer ...
Busy Life

Zone plate version of Zero 2000 6 x 6 format, hand-held and all exposure time is by guess ...
Old Workshop
where Zero 2000 is born


6 x 6 format Zero 2000 zone plate camera, with tripod ...
The First Touch

Flash zone plate photography with zone plate mount on Hassebald camera.
Pinhole Vs Zone Plate
Where you can see the difference between pinhole images and zone plate images ...
Zone Plate Camera
zone plate installed in copal no. o shutter

Zone plate installed in a 4 x 5 lens. Adaptor ring is machined by our camera designer.

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Zone Plate Set

After doing a lot of experiments and testing, we re-launch the zone plate set with with focal length of 90mm, 135mm, 150mm, 180mm, 240mm and 300mm.

This zone plate is special designed for our Copal adaptor but you can use it with any of your camera. Don't miss it!!!