Authorized Dealers

Blue Moon Machine

United Kingdom
P & L Sxxxxx of Tim Norgate is not our authorized dealers in the UK!!!
We didn't authorize any pinhole factory in the UK to manufacture our products. A shameless imitation of our camera can be found in Birmingham, UK, but is listed under a different brand name. Although the quality of these cameras falls far below our own standards, the price being charged is far greater. "Caveat emptor" (Let the buyer beware of such imitations!)
How to distinguish a copy of one of our cameras:

1. We use high quality teak wood, while they use Mahogany which is cheaper and not as stable.

2. They simply glue the pinhole directly to the camera while ours has a specially-deigned brass holder which securely attaches the brass shim.

3. Our shutter is spring-loaded, while theirs is not, which can make the shutter work improperly and makes it easy to open accidentally when carrying!

4. All our cameras come with exposure scale, while they sell theirs as an individual item.

5. All our cameras come with a serial number etched in brass plate, and a certificate which is signed by our camera designer. Theirs doesn't!

6. Our price for a Zero 2000 is around £69 including shipping but their price is over £100!!!

Special Thanks to all those Gentlemen from England who have alerted us to this fraudulent activity. 

Thanks also to all those Gentlemen and Ladies from all over the world are helping us to boycott this company

Thanks again!



Do not be fooled by expensive imitations or copies!!!

Following is a listing of dealers that carry our products. If the dealer nearest you does not carry the camera or accessory you need, please feel free to contact any other dealer or contact us directly.

Special Announcement: Legal Action against Tim Norgate

Regards Tim Norgate of P & L Sxxxxxx or Pxxxxxe Factory from Birmingham of England. The company address is PO Box 9327, Birmingham, West Midlands, B17 8NY, England. Tel: 0121 434 3321. Email address:
Web site:
Tim requested to become our dealer in England since 2000. After his purchase of 72 pieces our Zero 2000 in two months, we found Tim selling another pinhole cameras which are nearly the same as our Zero 2000 and Zero 6x9 cameras, both in appearance and structure. We have stop doing business with him and we will never doing business with him again. All commercial activities of Tim Norgate and his company have no relation to us. We have already issued legal letter to him/his company. We reserve all rights to take further legal action against him and his company if they do anything causing damage to us or to our company.

Zero Image Co.