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Collectible Handmade Wooden Pinhole Camera
Pinhole Camera Made of Dreams and Passion...
Back To Basic, Back To Nature
Pinhole cameras with environmentally friendly wax-oil finish and far more affordable price. Range from 35mm to 8x10 format with our unique design of "add-on" accessories including our newly designed 52mm filter adapter. You can have more freedom to configure your personal style pinhole camera and buy the only necessary stuff you need.

The Art of Romance
Zero Image camera, established since 1999, the handmade wooden pinhole camera with its antique design, is an objet d'art ideal for private collections, and makes a perfect gift to celebrate the new millennium.  Our camera's revolutionary design helps you take pictures with special effects, and connects you to the boundless creative and artistic world of photography.
Our cameras range from 35mm format to 8x10 format, in order to satisfy our customers differing requirements.

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All our cameras are made of selected high-quality teak wood (for making yacht) and are precious machined.

For the traditional series with lacquer finishing, more than 20 layers of coating are applied by hand to each camera, to insure maximum protection of the wood.

To advoid internal reflection, all internal area of the camera are hand-painted with 5-10 layers of (special formula by ourself) matt black paints with silk like appearance.

No brush stoke reflects our highest demand and the superior craftmenship of every of our staff.

Some of the solid brass parts are CNC-made, and with a coating applied to prevent them from oxidizing. We use BAKED PAINT instead of spray lacquer for more wear resistance.

The mechanism and the structure of the camera make it work like an ordinary camera, but it is capable of taking extraordinary pictures!

We use 0.001" brass shim to make the pinhole conform to a more accurate film stop number and create sharper images. All pinholes are by traditional photo etching and cleaned with special treatment. The result is far better than some cheap laser cut pinhole by low-end laser cutting machine and without the proper cleaning up process after the lacer cut.

Every camera has its serial number etched on a beautiful brass plate, complete with a signed certificate of authenticity for its original design.

Each camera is sent in a beautiful gift box and accompanied with an instruction manual, including detailed illustrations drawn by our camera designer.

From 2010, we provide hand engraving service, you can have any name engraved on the name plate of the camera by our camera designer. This make your Zero camera more special and unique. Great gift for your forever lover, families and your best friend.

In the past 23 years, we have shipped our cameras to almost every corner of the world, including USA, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Greece, South Korea, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Slovenia, Iraq, Macau, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, India, Brasil, Iceland, , Mexico .... We have received very positive feedback from our customers. We will continue to develop additional specially designed pinhole cameras, with more coming soon.

Enjoy Pinhole Photography, and don't neglect to add one of our special cameras to your collection.

Don't miss our Gallery which contains more than five hundred images by our customers from all over the world!

We have never authorized any of our previous customers from Slovenia , Taiwan or a UK woodworker located in Japan to use any of our design, methology or to manufacturer/modify our cameras or any parts or accoessories especially our well-known multiformat design, pinhole shim holder, adhesive felt for prevent light leak and filter holder in any variation.

Don't be fool by expensive imitations of our cameras and accessories.

Please don't encourage the design thief to steal other's deisgn!


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