The First Touch

Zone Plate Images and sculpture by Zernike Au

  The First Touch copyright 2005 Zernike Au


Camera: zone plate mount on Hasseblad 503 CX

Film: Fuji RDP
Exposure: Hensel 500 Studio light, full output, single flash

This series of photos got a very special meaning to me.

The sculptures are made by me more than ten years ago.

It is my first time trying the flash zone plate photography. When I peel off the Polaroid backing paper of the photo, I am so happy with the result. The feeling at that moment is just same as that of ten years ago when I just finished the sculpture!

Technical information: The camera is Hassebald with a zone plate of 65mm, 39 zones, f/45.23, you can see it at our Camera Gallery. I took this photo in my workshop with all lights off (total dark). I use one Hensel 500 studio light. First open the shutter, trigger the flash light and then close the shutter. 


~ Zernike Au, Hong Kong ~ 

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