The Art of Romance

Zero Image camera, the handmade pinhole camera with its antique design, is an objet d'art ideal for private collections, and makes a perfect gift to celebrate the new millennium.  Our camera's revolutionary design helps you take pictures with special effects, and connects you to the boundless creative and artistic world of photography.

Our cameras range from 35mm format to 4x5 format, in order to satisfy our customers differing requirements.

All our cameras are made of selected high-quality teak wood. More than 15 layers of coating are applied by hand to each camera, to insure maximum protection of the wood. The metal parts are hand-turned solid brass with a coating applied to prevent them from oxidizing. The mechanism and the structure of the camera make it work like an ordinary camera, but it is capable of taking extraordinary pictures!

We use 0.001" brass shim to make the pinhole conform to a more accurate film stop number and create sharper images.

All the pinholes and zone plates are installed by our camera designer/president Mr. Zernike Au. Every camera is checked and tested by him to ensure the highest quality.

Every camera has its serial number etched on a beautiful brass plate, complete with a signed certificate of authenticity for its original design.

Each camera is sent in a beautiful gift box and accompanied with an instruction manual, including detailed illustrations drawn by our designer.

By year of 2010, we provide name engraving service, you can have any name engraved on the name plate of the camera by our camera designer/president.

We also provide some specially-designed accessories for you to upgrade your Zero cameras to expand your creativity.

In the past ten years, we have shipped our cameras to nearly every corner of the world, including the USA, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Greece, South Korea, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Macau, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, China and we have received very positive feedback from our customers. We will continue to develop additional specially designed pinhole cameras, with more coming soon.

Enjoy Pinhole Photography, and don't neglect to add one of our special cameras to your collection.

Don't miss our Gallery which contains more than five hundred images by our customers from all over the world!

This website, and its component parts, are the property of the Zero Image Co., and are protected by the copyright laws of Hong Kong and under international law. This website, and its images or designs, may not be copied, duplicated, stored or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of the Zero Image Company.


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Don't miss the New Year 2015 Pinhole Exchange

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(1 Dec, 2014)

Christmas and New Year is coming, if you want to get a special gift for yourself or your friends or your family, order it earlier so as to avoid serious delay.

(1 Dec, 2014)

Don't miss our gallery, this month we have Christian Zuther's Zero 2000 images:

(1 Dec., 2014)

Up-coming book by Peter Eberhard of Switzerland:


(26 July, 2014)

New books by Manami Okazaki

(20 July, 2014)

Do Something For The Others ~ Decorating The pinhole Cameras:

(6 April, 2014)

Don't miss our gallery, this month we have Loren Braud's Zero 2000 image:

(6 April, 2014)

The WPPD Pinhole photography Project in Macau organized by Perspective-Macau Photography Studies Center

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(10 April, 2014)

Don't miss the Worldwide Pinhole Photography day 2014

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(10 April, 2014)

Don't miss our gallery, this month we have Neil Souch's 4x5 images:

(6 April, 2014)

We are proud to anounce that Tao's Photography are now our dealers in the France.

(24 March., 2014)

We are now on Facebook, a bit late but not too late!
Please find us and like us.

(22 Feb., 2014)

Pinhole Contest organized by Jeffrey Milnes.
Call fo Entries for 2014.

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(22 Feb., 2014)

New verion of Zero2000, Zero 2000 Deluxe is now available:

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(8 Feb., 2014)

We won't forget our previous customer, upgrade kit for Zero2000, Zero69, 612B and 612F is now available:

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(8th Feb., 2014)

New Price 2014!

We haven't adjust our price for many years. Unfortunately both the material cost and production cost raise drastically. We are now woking on our new price and if the order you submit still show the old price, congratulations, we will accept it.

Happy Shopping!

(20 Jan, 2014)

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We will have our Lunar New Year Holidays from 29th Jan. to 5 Feb. We may not able to ship the order during the holidays but we accept your orders as usual.

Happy Lunar New Year!

(20 Jan, 2014)

Don't Miss our 2014 Gallery:


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(20 Jan, 2014)

Our Customer Aurelio Bormioli from Italy won some important awards in some of the most influential international photo contests:

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(30 Nov, 2013)

Our Customer Attila Hupján from Hungary has his works showing on November issue of Hungarian edition of National Geographic:

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(30 Nov, 2013)

New verion of Zero69, 612B, 612F is now available:

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(1 Nov, 2013)

Special Discount for
Teachers and Students:

In order to promote pinhole photography, we decided to offer a 20% to teachers and students.
Further discount for quantity orders.

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(15 Oct, 2013)

Coming Exhibition:
Stephen Best

An exhibition of twelve images from his work will be shown at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre in Canberra in January 2014.

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(12 Oct, 2013)

Hong Kong Zero Image Shop

is opened.

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(21 Aug., 2013)

Don't miss the
hotofringe festival in Poland

From 13th-24th May, 2013

Click here for more details.

(7 May, 2013)

Pinhole photographer

Zeb Andrews on TV

Don't Miss it!!!

(1 May, 2013)

Don't miss the
Worldwide Pinhole Day 2013


(1 April, 2013)

A Talk at the University
of Polytechnic of Hng Kong

Zernike Au of Zero Image share his pinhole photography experience with the deisgn students...

Click here for more details.

(8 March, 2013)

CCnow is back!

Good News! CCnow was bought by a company and they can continue to provide their service. Customers can enjoy shopping by CCnow again.

(31 Dec., 2012)

Merry Christmas

Special thanks to my friend Windy Tam who draw this beautiful Christmas card for sharing. She believes that the end of the world is not coming. A beautiful life is to love this beautiful world more and love your family or your love more.

Peace and Love.

(19 Dec., 2012)

CCnow is planing to retire at the end of 2012. We will have only Paypal for all international credit card payment from November. If you have CCnow account and have money in the account, remember to get back all the money before they gone.


(23 June, 2012)

Our old friend and one of the fonder of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography day, Edward Levinson will be on a NHK WORLD TV English language program
June 26th 2012,
Program Title: "Journeys in Japan".

Don't Miss It!

(23 June, 2012)

Don't miss our gallery!

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(23 June, 2012)

Season Greetings:

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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to see bigger image.

If you decided to choose our cameras as Christmas gift, order your Zero camera earlier so as to make sure you or your family or your friends can get this speical Christmas gift before Chritmas.

(2 December., 2011)

Dream Worlds

Pinhole photo solo show by Scott Speck ....

Don't Miss It!

(6th Dec., 2011)

Lensless Landscapes Workshop - Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK
( 12 th – 14 th September )

by Steve Gosling

Don't Miss It!

(8th, Dec, 2011)

Calm & Chaos Tokyo

Michael S Feather has been invited by Epson Imaging to display his pinhole work at the Epsite Epson Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Don't Miss It!


(24th Feb., 2011)


Lensless Landscapes Workshop - the Lake District, Cumbria, UK 
(4th to 6th May 2011)

by Steve Gosling

Don't Miss It!


(14th Feb., 2011)


All Parcel to the United States will be delay!!!!

We received notice from the US post office stated that because of the safety inspection at their custom, all parcel will be delay for 2-10 business days. US customers may need to hurry up to order your camera immediately if you want to get your camera before Christmas

(6th Dec., 2010)


Order Your Camera Earlier So You Can Get It Before Christmas!

As Christmas is coming, the shipping and custom may need more time to handle the parcels, and this may cause delay in delivery. If you want to get your camera before Christmas, please place your order earlier. We have all the model on stocks and ready to ship.

(20th November, 2010)


Lensless Landscapes Worskhop - Yorkshire Coast

(19th to 21st May 2010)

by Steve Gosling


Don't Miss It!


Levens Hall through a pinhole

Three English photographers, Rob Bridson, Graham Whitwham, Tom Whitehead, spent a year at one of England's most famous old houses taking photographs with their pinhole cameras. An exhibition of their photographs is at Levens Hall, Cumbria, UK until October 2010.

They have just produced a book of
78 pinhole photographs ...........

Don't Miss It!


New Pinhole Photograph Magazine

Pinhole Photography Magazine a publication based entirely on photography without a lens. Founded by a group of photographers and professionals, Pinhole Photography Magazine covers aspects of lens-less photography and emphasizes artistic styles and affect, technique and people behind the camera.

Don't Miss It!


Important News: New Paypal setting!!!

A few months ago we was reported that when some customers confirm to buy, the language is set to Chinese automatically, a Chinese page is appeared, we have try our best to fix it, if you still have problem, please contact us and we send you a money request via Paypal

email us.


Or you can try using CCnow for the transaction.

2th., Oct, 2009

New Pinhole book
by Hugh Smith

Don't miss the great pinhole book by our friend Mr. Hugh Smith who also exhibit some of his works on our gally, every photograph taken was with a Zero 200 .....

Don't Miss It!


JPPS exhibition 2009 is open in Tokyo.

Don't Miss It!


Yasuko Oki's second photo exhibition, "Looking into a glass"..
I'll show the images of the inside of glasses of juice, water, tea, etc.
Some of photos are abstract, and some photos show the distorted view through a glass.
Those photos were taken with Zero 2000.

Don't Miss It!


Award winning professional photographer Steve Gosling will be exhibiting some of his stunning black & white landscape images (many taken on his Zero 2000 pinhole camera) at the Joe Cornish Gallery, Zetland Street, Northallerton, North Yorkshire from 5 th September to 3 rd October 2009

Don't Miss It!


We are proud to anounce that we have Cameron Levett as our authorized dealer in Australia.

Australian customers can order our cameras directly from them.

17th Aug, 2009


Sorry our Copal shutter adaptor for pinhole and zone plate already sold out!!!

10th July, 2009


Tim Franco's pinhole exhibition in Shanghai:

Don't Miss It!


Pinhole Cameras in an Elizabethan House:

Three English photographers spent a year with their pinhole cameras recording a famous 500 year old house and gardens. An exhibition of their photographs is at Levens Hall Cumbria from April 5th to October 8th 2009.

To see the images go to-

Don't Miss It!


Name Engraving Service
now available!

Don't Miss It!


Support your local business by ordering the camera from dealer of your countries.


Our authorized dealer from the United Kingdom is


Scott Speck's first major art gallery show, in Washington, DC, from February 04 - February 28, 2009, at Studio Gallery :

Sixteen black/white pinhole photograph prints, all created from photographs taken with the Zero Image 2000 and Zero Image 4x5 cameras, will be on display and for sale at the gallery.

There are three receptions, at which free food/drink will be served, as well as regular gallery hours outside of the receptions. Mr. Scott will be present for at least all three receptions. He invite anyone and everyone to attend.

Don't mist it!

20th Jan., 2009


Alfonso de Castro's exhibition in Barcelona :


From 17-11-2008 until 07-01-2009
Can Baste Photographic Center.

The photos are made with Zero 612 and they are a very very big size!! 1 meter X 3 meters color.

Don't mist it!

29th Dec., 2008


Steve Gosling's new book is coming:

A fine art monograph of black & white pinhole landscape photographs (entitled ‘Lensless Landscapes' ) by professional photographer, Steve Gosling, is due to be published in November 2008.

Don't mist it!

29th Sept., 2008




8th Aug, 2008


We are so sorry to anounce that we have to adjust the price as everything rise the price crazily and the post office rise the price twice this year!!!

8th Aug, 2008


Artomatic Art Show:

Scott Speck

Don't Miss it!

8th May, 2008


A visit to old school:
Hong Kong University of Polytechnic

Enjoy it!

10th March, 2008


Viewfinder by Malcolm Dvaies
Don't miss Mr. Malcolm Dvaies' brillian viewfinder....

26th Feb., 2008

Polaroid film will no longer available!!! It will become a "history"!!!

Check their official site!!!


15 February, 2008

Christopher James' New Book

is coming.

Don't Miss It!

24 December., 2007

Viewfinder for our Zero 4x5
is now available. All our Zero 4x5 camera will comes with the view finder. Don't miss it.

***All cameras come with a view finder, you don't need to order the viewfinder separately!***

27 Nov., 2007

Take Up Spool!!!
We no longer able to provide our customer with the take up spool since 2006...


2 Sept, 2007

Foto Paolo Aldi Snc
We are proud to anounce that we have a new distributors from Italy....

18 Aug, 2007

Joso Sousa Valles

We are proud to anounce that we have a new distributors from Protugal....

15 July, 2007

Pinhole Planet-International Group Show in Japan

11 pinhole artists from 8 countries will have the group show at the Gallery Space of Tokyo, Japan

Starting from 29th May to 3rd June.

14 May., 2007

WINNER OF PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris


14 May., 2007

Viewfinder for our Zero 135 is now available. All our Zero 135 camera will comes with the view finder. Don't miss it.

14 May., 2007


Zero Image Flickr Group
More than 14oo Zeroimage photos are found at Flickr...