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Oh Dog, My friend!! n.10   copyright © 2003 Stefanutti Massimo


Camera: Zero 2000 Wooden Pinhole Camera

The series of photos “Ohdog, myfriend” (2001/2002) is a story in images which fully embodies these themes and features the star of a TV serial, an inflatable Dalmatian called “Bobby”. Stefanutti changes the tone of the photograph each time he uses the toy: on the pebbles of a river bank, in a garden, on a frozen lake, a men’s lavatory, a cemetery, an interior with people sitting around a table....In each scene the toy looks real or unreal, depending on the context and situation, proof of how much (self-)deception is involved in the act of vision. For example in the garden of a house - a context not normally associated with illusion - it looks like a real dog which, however, might not be. Next to the Disney-like dwarves in the garden the toy is certainly more realistic than them…..a curious hierarchy of the real and real-seeming.
“Bobby” is both alien and disturbing, familiar and domestic, and is used by the artist to investigate the principle of reality in a context (highly unusual these days) in which technology is used very sparingly.

~ Stefanutti Massimo, Italy ~ 

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