Pinhole Images by dm witman

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untitled, 2007 (0010070254) - hand-printed b&w toned silver halide print; 11x14 on 16x20 paper; with 4x5 Zero Image

My work has always revolved around the ideas of transience and vulnerability within the context of autobiography. This selection of images is from a cycle of what I consider my life's work. I began this undertaking in 2006, and continue to explore and engage in this way of image-making today.

These images document a journey of internal and external spaces, dreams from nights past or those yet to be had. Dreaming and wakefulness, like transience and vulnerability, reflect the once strong tree whose bark is now sloughing, like skin from bones, among wood and earth. Surrounded by the natural landscape, each work is a personal encounter, somewhere between dream matter and spiritual entity.

These images were made with a large format pinhole camera. All of the images are hand printed at 11x14 on 16x20 paper in silver halide and toned. Twenty prints are made from each negative. All images are untitled; with the year the corresponding negative was created. 


~ dm witman , USA ~ 


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