Pinhole Images by David Mepham

 Boiler     copyright 2003 David Mepham


Camera: Zero 6x9   Film: Ilford HP5 400asa

Here are a few shots from my first roll using your amazing ZERO2000 6X6.

It’s interesting I have friends with Lieca cameras that I always joke with about shooting images that live up to the history of the camera and those that have used it before them. How it is my turn to live up to that same standard, with a camera as beautifully crafted as yours ……………… it is also great fun to just shoot and accept what ever magic the photographic gods send your way.

Once again thank you for a beautiful camera, that I hope I will grow into.

For my first excursion I picked an old turn of the century Whiskey distillery call Gooderham & Worts in Toronto. I am interested in subject matter that once was used and is perhaps waiting for someone to come along and use again as well as places where the history is so thick in the air that you can taste it and imagine ghostly images continuing their daily work.

These images were shot on Ilford HP5 400asa, Processed as directed on film info and scanned on an Epson 3170. Very little Photoshop work, mostly resizing and adjusting the DPI. Please post if you wish and let me know your opinion.

~ David Mepham, Toronto, Ontario. Canada~ 

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