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Camera: Zero 2000

"The Zero 2000 is a truly unique camera. Not only is it a collector's item,
but an extremely well made and functional pinhole camera. It's beautifully
made, very easy to operate, and produces high quality images. Since it has a
short 1" focal length the best photographs are obtained by getting VERY
close to your subject. It's also more convenient to work with 120mm film
than the 4x5 film traditionally needed for pinhole cameras.
After 30 years in photojournalism, I thought no camera could be that
different from all the rest. Wrong. I look forward to using the Zero 2000
and actually find myself taking more photographs with it than the Nikons and
Bronica. It's brought the excitement back into my photography. Thanks."

Barry Staver, Littleton, Colorado, U.S.A.

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