Pinhole images by Chip Barber

Tree, Loch Lomond, Scotland      copyright 2000 Chip Barber


Camera: Zero 2000

Film: Konica Infrared 750

All of the images were scanned from actual prints processed in our darkroom

Scotland and its rich history have fascinated both my wife and I for many
years.  We have made three trips to this beautiful country since June of
1998.  On our most recent trip, September of 2000, my wife shot with a
Hasselblad, while I took a more "low-tech" approach shooting with the Zero
2000 pinhole and zone plate cameras.  Pinhole photography adds a dreamlike,
or vintage, quality that lends itself well to the pastoral landscapes and
centuries-old structures of Scotland.

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~ Chip Barber ~ 

irtree1s.JPG girni1s.JPG house1s.JPG lomonds.JPG temple2s.JPG

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