Pinhole Images by Guy Brown

Untitled,  2000   copyright 2000 Guy Brown

Camera: Zero 2000

Film: Iford Pan-F

Exposure: 4 sec


"Photography is becoming increasingly technologically sophisticated.
Films are getting finer-grained, SLR cameras are crammed with microchips
and lenses have superb optical performance. But with all this
technology, I can't help thinking that the artistry of photography is
being lost. Perhaps as a reaction against this, I'm currently drawn to
old photographic processes and simple cameras, such as the Zero 2000.
Using a pinhole camera and wet chemistry slows you down - the process of
making an image in this way is far removed from the instant
gratification of digital cameras and 1-hour processing shops, and a lot
more satisfying.

The three images shown here were taken at Hutcliffe Wood Cemetary,
Sheffield, on 12th June 2000. They were taken on Ilford PAN-F film with
the Zero 2000 camera, and developed in ID-11 1+1 for 8.5 minutes.
Exposures were between 4 and 10 seconds. For viewing on the web, the
negatives were scanned on an Agfa flatbed scanner and a bit of dodging
and burning work was done in Photoshop; normally I'd print them in the
darkroom, of course!"

~Guy Brown~

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