Pinhole Images by Robert Wasinger 

Untitled 1,  2000   copyright 2000 Robert Wasinger

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Camera: Zero 2000


I used times between 2 an 30 seconds. Development : Ilford ID 11, 20 Cels.
11 min. Print-Scan with Agfa Scanner 1212 to Adobe Photoshop 5, Size 13x13cm 
72 dpi JPEG.

name :       Robert Wasinger

 born  :      1938 in Vienna / Austria

always interested in photography as a self taught -person,

since 1995 more time to spent with photopraphy and I took  part in

several  workshops in Europe with well-known photographers.

Sometimes I had the opportunity  to exhibit my pictures in local exhibitions.


~Robert Wasinger, Vienna, Austria~ 


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