Pinhole images by James Kellar

Mill01   1 January, 2000   copyright İ 2000 James J. Kellar

Camera: Zero 2000

Film: Ilford HP5

I view the world as a darker more complex place. I believe that the
"traditional" landscape is dead or should at least be on it's death bed. It
is time we saw the world with a new set of eyes. The ones we have been using
are a bit old and tired. Iım the son of an archeologist. I guess thatıs why
Iım drawn to images of things that are old and abandoned. The four images
were taken on January 1, 2000 with the Zero 2000 pinhole camera.

I use a number of different films the images you see were shot on Ilford
HP5. I develop them in Pyro PKM for 13 min at 70sf. I then scan the
negatives on a flatbed scanner, and output to either a Epson 1200, Iris, or
Luminage direct digital printer.

-James Kellar-

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