Pinhole image by Zernike with Zero 2000 camera

Angel, February 2000

Exposure: 2min second

Film: Fuji RDP II

Life is full of dreams like the colorful flowers,

 and we got a lot of dreams at every Chinese New Year:

"I want to live better"

"I want to earn more money"

"I want to have more women"

"I want to have an excellent boyfriend/husband"

"I want to win the mark-six"

"I want to win the horse racing"

"I want to win when playing Mar-jong"

"I want to get a good job, with a good boss,

less working hours and pressure

but more salary"

"I want to buy a house"

"I want to have a baby"

"I want to have a son"

"I want to have a daughter"

"Long live to my grand-ma and grand-pa"

"I want to enter the University"

"I want to travel around the world"

"I want to be a boy"

"I want to be a girl"

"I want to live with you-for the rest time of my life"

"I want to go to heaven after death"

"I want to have an airplane"

"I want to travel to Moon"


"I don't want darkness, I can't take pinhole images without light, 

1 Ev. is enough!"


What about yours?



-Zernike Au-


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