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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


Nov, 2006

Dear Zeroimage team.

Few words to let you know that my
612B camera is alive and well arrived in Marseille,
south of France.
No damage, perfect box, wonderful camera.

Thank You !

Olivier BERTRAND , MARSEILLE - FRANCE [11/28/06]


Hi Zernike

Just had to tell you I love the 4x5 camera.
I've added a 405 Polaroid back on it to shoot 600 series Polaroid for image transfers.
Thanks again!

Randy, USA [11/28/06]


Just to say the order has arrived. Cheers for that. Am looking forward to using it. also hope to use web gallery space. I got a zero 2000 6x6 from the Photographers Gallery in London a few weeks back and am pleased with the results.
More later.

Chris, Great Britain [11/13/06]


just a compliment !!!!

I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your gallery section, it\'s stunning. Hopefully the future will provide the proceeds to purchase one of your products. Thanks Again, Clint

Clint, USA [11/10/06]


Hello from Canberra, Australia. My 6x9 camera arrived today in perfect condition. I am totally impressed by the quality of the camera and the thought that has gone into the design. Just one question - two sheets of white plastic came with the viewfinder, however I am unsure as to what purpose these are intended to serve. Thanks again for the wonderful service and superb product.

Nev. Blyth , Australia [11/5/06]


i\'ve got my Zero 6x6 today, A very fast shipping! Nice and easy deal Thanks, My zero is beautiful. Images soon..

sebastien point, France [11/1/06]


Oct, 2006

Just to let you know my zero 2000 arrived on Monday 23 all intact. I would like to thank you for making the transaction so easy and straight forward. The camera looks wonderful, I just hope I can produce inspired images from it!

Gavin, United Kingdom [10/24/06]


I just wanted to let you know that I received my Zero Image 2000 camera and it is beautiful. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am going to try it out. I already have film loaded and I am ready to go. Thank you so much and if you ever decide to make an 8x10 pinhole camera please let me know.

Paul Mayakis, United States [10/17/06]


Camera arrived safe and sound today, Thursday, quality item. Thanks for quick and easy deal.

Regards, D. Slater.

D. Slater, United Kingdom [10/6/06]


Thank you for my wonderful new Zero 2000, which I received today. I am absolutely delighted with it. Denver Brown

Denver Brown, United Kingdom [10/2/06]


Sept, 2006

Hi, Au, I received the purchase today. Thank you very much! Well made and very easy for use! Nice deal! All the best, Sergey.

Kouznetzov Sergey, Russia [9/17/06]


Thank you for your work, your 6x9 is very well. I put your site in the links of my site Cordially My site

JEAN MARC HANON, France [9/14/06]


June, 2006

I just received it, thanks again for a very fast delivery service and for making such beautiful pinhole. That's already a pleasure to hold it in hands so taking pictures with it will be even more.

In fact, that's my 3rd camera ordered from you, the first one was a zero 2000 for a gift to a friend, he was really happy about it, the second one was a Zero 75B, I had to sell it because I am bad with 4x5 sheets ;) , but that Zero 2000 deluxe is my new baby.

Thanks for this, have a good day, and be sure I will talk a lot about you to any of my friends interested in pinhole and beautiful camera ;)

Thanks again.

Mathieu Pinson, France [6/9/06]


May, 2006

Dear Zernike Au,

I received the Zero 6x9 Multi-Format this afternoon. A very fast shipping (2 day's from HongKong to my home!). I'm very pleased with this beautiful little wooden craftsman made camera! It's quite a clever design. I'm so excited to try first shoot!

Kindly regards,

Jan Schiphorst, Netherlands [5/5/06]


Thanks for sending the ZERO so promtly!
Cant believe it works so quick (Hongkong/Germany)
The ZERO i ordered has a very thin hole (this in fact is what i need, to get the sharpest results possible)
Is the ZONE PLATE with a bigger hole /aperture?

Christoph Maas, Germany [5/4/06]


Dir sir.
Receved camera in two days.
words can not express the beauty of this camera.
Thank you.

Mel, ? [5/3/06]


April, 2006

hi, many thanks. amazing speed of delivery, i received today, 36 hours from despatch - hk. a record maybe. great product. see attached for a picture i took on the same model a
few weeks ago in nyc.

Ian Mason, United Kingdom[4/14/06]


Message: Got the camera! Thanks for the prompt shipping.

It\'s beautiful! I\'m looking forward to using it.


Don Congdon, USA [4/13/06]


Message: Hi!
I purchased one of your excellent Zero 25B cameras from Silverprint, your official dealer in the UK, wow! I am so impressed, an amazing work of art! It has rekindled my interest in photograpy, so much that i have now bought an old MPP 5x4 press camera too!!

Peter Cole, United Kingdom[4/12/06]



My name is Zeb Andrews. I have been shooting zero image pinholes now for about 2 years and figured it was about time to send you a short note thanking you for the wonderful cameras you produce. I work at Blue Moon Camera and Machine in Portland, Oregon and we regularly order cameras from you and have started a pinhole movement of sorts in Portland. We are all very big fans of the camera at the store and we convert a few more people each day. I am currently part of a group of photographers on Flickr dedicated to using Zero Image cameras. The group admin recently wrote to you and you responded and mentioned the possibility of showing images in your gallery. I have had a couple of people suggest I contact you because they say my photos are a running advertisement for the Zero Image camera. I would be interested in more info and sharing photos for use in your gallery. I wouldn't mind a bit more information. This is a link to my pinhole photos on Flickr, all of which are shot with either the Zero 6x6, Zero 4x5, or Zero 6x9 multi-format.

Please take a look and see what these wonderful cameras you have been building have been accomplishing.

Thanks again

Zeb Andrews , United Kingdom [4/12/06]


Hello, just to say thank you for such wonderful service and product. I have just processed my first film taken with the 2000 and I am so impressed with the quality of image.I now have both the 2000 and the 5 x 4 camera,thank you again and may life treat you kindly,regards.

Peter Owen , United Kingdom[4/7/06]


Jan, 2006

My Zero 25B arrived yesterday in great shape. Shipping to the U.S. was very fast. My new camera is beautiful! It is almost too nice to use, but use it I will. In fact, it will be going with me on a trip to the Middle East a month from now. I hope to share the results with you soon. Thank you for building such wonderful things. Your service is top notch and I plan on being a loyal customer. I can't wait to get a Zero 2000!


Stephen, USA [1/29/06]


My brand you wooden box arrived yesterday: what a nice
box! Many thanks for the bonus gift.
(I can\'t write any more because I urgently need to try it).
Best Regards

Mr Happy Himself
Francois-Xavier Bouillon , France [1/21/06]


The package arrived today. I can`t tell you how happy I am. The camera is so great. Normally I use Canon, Hasselblad and Linhof cameras. So i know what i am talking about.
Thanks a lot. For sure i will send some photos to you soon. It will take some time until i have some nice ones, but then i will send them to you.

Best regards from vienna,

Florian Heske, Austria [1/20/06]


I am the happiest and proudest pinhole man in Holland J

The postman got really afraid and delivered the second pinhole with the utmost care!

I want to thank you for the perfect service and help!

A collegue of mine at the FotoAcademie in Amsterdam just ordered and received his pinhole from Zero Image ! I am sure there will be more to follow….. J

Thank you again and I will be back in the future!

Marcel van Helvoort – happy customer

Marcel van Helvoort, Holland [1/17/06]


Hi Zernike Au,

Thanks, I received the camera this afternoon. I am very impressed by the

I spoke to my friend Marcel van Helvoort yesterday, he ordered your 6x9
camera last week. He was mostly satisfied with your service too.

Regards, and please continue your business for a long time.

Cheers, Piet Weber

Piet Weber, Netherlands [1/13/06]


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