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You may like to hear the voices of some of our customers who have ordered our cameras. Below is some feedback from our customers. Yours is also welcomed.


Dec., 2012

Salve ............. è arrivata ,che bellina la zero immage 2000  (scrivo in italiano perchè sono troppo felice) in soli 4 (quattro ) giorni dal giappone alla mia piccola sardegna ,non ci speravo proprio ,invece la professionalita' e la vostra serieta' ,cammina sopra ogni aspettativa ,ma sono sicuro che non siete solo commercianti ,ma ci mettete anche il cuore nei vostri splendidi apparecchi
Ora non mi rimane che caricare un rullo e provarla ,se mai riesco a fare qualche scatto accettanbile ,saro' felice di mandarvelo
Vi ringrazio di cuore e vi faccio i miei migliori auguri di passare un sereno Natale
e come si dice tra fotografi .................. buona luce
un saluto Alberto Floris ................ grazie

Alberto, Italy [23/12/12]

Thanks Alberto, your words is the best Christmas Gift that I ever receipted. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Zernike Au [23/12/12]

Hi Zernike Au,

I've received the camera today, very beautiful indeed! Thanks for your service and patience.


Elio, Canada [12/12/2012]

Nov, 2012

Hi Zernike Au,

I've been happily using my two Zero 2000 cameras for a month or two now, and was just looking at my website stats and see that you have a link to my site. Out of the hundreds (thousands?) of pinhole photographers who shoot with this camera, I feel very honored. Thank you.



Nancy Breslin, United State s[28/11/2012]


Oct, 2012

Good day,

My ZeroImage 4x5 camera was received this morning. It is beautiful! A true work of art that I will use proudly as a tool and give due respect to every scratch.


bruce bohannan, United States[4/10/2012]


I just sent in my first roll of film to be developed and am anxious for results. Just wanted to let you know the package came and is absolutely beautiful from design and functionality! Love it!

Evan Lavine, United States [3/10/12]


Sept, 2012

Thank you very much, I received my zero 6x9 camera last friday ! It took only 3 days from my order till I received it at home !
It\'s a splendid object. Can\'t wait to see the pictures I took !

Cynthia from France

Cynthia Charpentreau, France [19/9/2012]


I received my WONDERFUL ZeroImage 69 deluxe version last friday.

It\'s a piece of jewelry !

I\'m looking forward to use it now. Little bit stressed but quite excited !


Alex from France

Alexandre Bertin, France [6/9/12]


July, 2012

Just to let you know the 4x5 camera I did order weeks ago
has just arrived after a lot of time at Spanish Customs.
The camera is super nice and I´v been surprised with the
exquisite craft.
Next weekend I´ll be shooting some sheets and I hope it
performs as it looks
Best Regards,
F.J.Morales Sanz

F.J.Morales Sanz, Spain [3/7/2012]


June, 2012

Hi. I can\'t believe how quickly my zero image 2000 came, and it\'s gorgeous!!! Thank you so much!!! I bought this because I was so inspired by Danielle Hughes (Manyfires)\' photos taken with hers and am excited to go tr it myself.

Deirdre Malfatto, United States [29/6/12]


May, 2012

I received the camera today, and it is a little jewel! 

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of this beautiful instrument.

Mike Oberst

Mike Oberst, United States [2/5/12]


March, 2012

I have received the camera.
Congratulations for the quality of the camera and fast shipping. I am longing for using it...

Jean MARGUIN, France [3/30/12]


December, 2011

I just received your Zero 6 x 9 Deluxe Camera Package.

Thank you for your quick shippping.

I love your pinhole camera.

Thank you again.

Grace Pak, Korea [7/12/11]


July, 2011

Hello Sir,
This little letter to inform you that the camera has arrived in Belgium.
I find it very beautiful and very well finished .
I can not wait to use it ...
Thank you and best regards

URSZULA SŁAWIEC, Belgium [11/7/2011]


March, 2011

Hello, this message is just to confirm that I have received my Zero 6 X 9 Deluxe camera and all is in order.
It is great to see a hand-made product produced to a such a high level of craftsmanship.
I hope my photography will be the same!


Malcolm Gamble, Melbourne, Australia [1/3/11]


Feb, 2011

I received camera. Magnificent and beautiful product! Thanks!

Oleg , Russia [26/2/2011]


Feb, 2011

Today I received the Deluxe 2000 :-)))
I'm really very, very happy!

I look forward to enjoying the first photographs.
Thank you very much. I hope there are no stray light into the camera.
Thank you very, very much!!!!
Best Regards
Pierre Pellegrini

Pierre Pellegrini, Swiss [25/2/11]


Feb, 2010

I have received the camera. It's very very nice..
Thank you so much!

Have a nice day,

Hoang Anh
(maybe I will buy your 6x6 soon :o) )

Hoang Anh, Vietnam [26/2/10]


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