Pinhole image by Martin Cheng Yiu Kwok

Jia Zhai Gou 01   copyright 2002 Martin Cheng Yiu Kwok


Camera: Zero 4 x 5 camera, 50mm focal legnth

Film: Fuji instant film
Exposure time: 40 sec.

Jia Zhai Gou is located at Chengdu, Sichun Province of China. This is one of
the most beautiful landscape in China and being a national scenary
protecting in national sense.

The most beautiful and colorful scenary you can obsever is about September
and October each year while that is the fall period. Also, please get up
early to take more picture during morning session while little breeze and
you'll see less ripple on each lake.

Jai Zhai Gou, April 2002

~ Martin Cheng Yiu Kwok, Hong Kong ~ 

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